Branding / Visual design

Your business deserves an identity that matches the great products or services you offer. An identity that is truly yours and reflects what you do.

A great logo and a corresponding visual identity can greatly impact how people see your brand.

We take the essence of your brand and your business goals to create something truly unique and fitting.
More importantly; we are sure it will increase your revenue.

User Experience strategy

The people you are trying to reach, your ‘users’ (although we don’t like that word, we prefer to design for ‘people’) should be able to find what they’re looking for easily. And our design should help you to achieve your business goals. These two goals go hand in hand. Without one you will never achieve the other.

Graphic design

Every pixel on your website and every printed dot in your offline publications should be yours. And fit with your brand. They should all help you to realize your business goals. Combine Woest’s strategic and visual skills and get something that truly works for your business.

Responsive design

People access your site or app from a myriad of devices. We design for all of them. Do not expect them to look exactly the same. They don’t need to. Because every device will be used for other purposes. But be assured that all versions will communicate your brand and will be easy to use and accessible.

Front-end development

Browsers are getting better and better. We remember the time that there were 4 fonts and 216 colors to choose from. Front-end and back-end development are merging more and more.

For translating our designs into products that actually work as they were intended we work with a select number of partners.
They know their stuff and we have worked with them for years. We totally trust them.

iOS and Android development

Together with our development partners we can concept, design and develop your app.

Good causes

We devote a portion of our time to helping causes we think are important. If you think we can help you, don’t hesitate to ask to work with us.


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